• man in black tank top doing yoga

    When You Shouldn’t Try to Clear Your Mind for Meditation

    Many people think that it’s necessary to clear your mind in order to meditate successfully. Is that really true, though? In reality, it’s not possible to clear your mind completely – and trying to do so can actually be counterproductive. The goal of meditation is to focus your attention on a specific object or thought, […]


  • man in white shirt using macbook pro

    Clear Your Mind For Meditation When Facing Work Stress

    Clearing your mind for meditation can be tough under any circumstances. It’s especially hard, though, if you’re experiencing work stress. The demands of the job, the pressure to succeed, and the strains of interpersonal relationships can all make it difficult to focus on your breath and let go of your thoughts. There are a few […]


  • silhouette of man at daytime

    How to Clear Your Mind For Meditation

    When meditating, lots of people struggle with how to clear your mind for meditation. This is totally normal, and with a few simple techniques, you can be well on your way to a clear mind and a successful meditation practice. One of the best ways to clear your mind for meditation is to focus on […]


  • Guided Meditation on a Camelia Tree

    As you walk through the clearing, you see a camelia tree. The flowers are in bloom, and their fragrance fills the air. You stop to admire the beautiful blooms, their delicate petals unfurling in the sun. You close your eyes and take a deep breath, letting the fragrance of the flowers fill your senses. You […]



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  • Imagery: A Lush Forest Floor

    You step into the forest and are surrounded by trees, green and beautiful. Below you is the lush forest floor. The air is warm and humid. You can hear the animals and the wind in the trees. You take a deep breath and let it out, feeling yourself relax. You begin to walk, taking in […]


  • black traffic light

    Meditation on a Traffic Light

    We’re all used to living our lives according to certain rules. A traffic light captures those. There’s a clear sequence, moving from green, to red, to green again. But in the middle there’s yellow, a warning that tells us to be careful. To some people, the yellow light is a reminder to slow down and […]